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In 2006, Carla and Drema started working together at Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). The instant chemistry and passion, not only for creating meaningful content, but for the Navy and its mission, made our duo near unstoppable.

Our mission was simple and became our motto: visibility drives funding. We know that if our customers were not getting the exposure they deserved, they are more likely to get marked come budget time.

We went from a team of two to 11 in less than three years supporting seven different acquisition and sustainment programs at NAVAIR. After nine years of establishing, building and leading the communications and multimedia teams for two well-known companies, we decided to blend our entrepreneurial gifts and Cadre was born.

Supporting customers like Aviation Readiness & Resource Analysis, Multi-Mission Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems program office (PMA-266), and Precisions Strike Weapons program office (PMA-201), our mission remains the same. And so does our passion.




Cadre is a strategic communications and multimedia company specializing in providing program support through various communications services, tools and products.

We effectively manage the delicate balance between the public’s right to know and the organization’s responsibility to successfully conduct weapon systems acquisition with effective written products such as, milestone news releases and trade publication feature articles, executive-level quality presentations, leadership keynote talking points, program fact sheets, stakeholder newsletters, and strategic acquisition program messaging specifically created to reach funding authorities.

We complement that strategic written product with visually stunning museum-scale graphics displays, infographics, informative products, strategically designed newsletters, and videos, some of which are sampled in our portfolio.

Visibility drives funding. And it's our mission to give you the visibility your program deserves.




Cadre provides program support through various communications tools and products, and services. The communications team works together with organizations to provide the communication tools necessary to execute mandated acquisition program messaging including:

  • News releases; articles and feature stories

  • Graphic design support; logos, infographics, newspaper spreads and posters

  • Videos; script, filming, editing, processing

  • Media advisories and responses

  • Strategic and crisis communication plans

  • Web site design and coordination

  • Operations Support - Internal and external communication

  • Television and film event coordination

  • Museum-scale graphics

  • Photography support

  • Internal/external newsletters

  • Training; media murder boards

  • Coordination of program/industry outreach efforts

  • Symposium and conference coordination and materials, trade and exhibit event coordination

  • Program fact/slick sheets and press kits

  • Operations support

With a combined 50 years of experience, this team knows that visibility drives funding and effectively manages the delicate balance between the public’s right to know and the program’s responsibility to successfully conduct weapon system acquisition with stunning and effective written and audiovisual products.



Carla Simpson

The “Ca” in Cadre

A 26-year veteran in the field of public relations/affairs, advertising, communications and multimedia, I have been writing, designing and strategizing for Department of Defense programs led by military and civilian executive leadership for over 14 years.

Being the communications and multimedia adviser for internal and external messaging at Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is not only my job; I am passionate about it!

I come from a long line of award-winning creative professionals in advertising, music, video and museum-scale productions. I have appeared in national advertising campaigns, national musicals, voiced a few dozen jingles, and been around creative masterminds since, well, forever.

I began my career in multi-media when I was 16-years old as an intern for a small national events coordination firm in Panama, where at the age of 18, I was entrusted with my first event coordination managing gig: a national car show.

I spent the next 15 years learning all five multimedia components and I became a jack-of-all-trades, which has served NAVAIR well, as I have developed some of NAVAIR’s most memorable visual products. 

Yes, I have been building this career for 26-years, but I've been in a creative environment from the time I was a toddler. It truly is in my blood.

Drema Ballengee-Grunst

The “Dre” in Cadre

I am a 35-year veteran writer, editor, and strategist in the political world of public relations/affairs, communications, and law.

I have spent the last 25 years advising executive military and civilian leaders for Department of Defense programs, as well as attorneys and judges in private practice, Department of Justice programs, and the federal judicial system. Savvy in the political realm, I’ve also enjoyed a term as a public affairs and media adviser for a Maryland senator.

An adrenaline junkie, my passion has been fed well over the last 16 years at the Naval Air Systems Command in the multimedia and communications field through competing and continually-changing priorities, working on short deadlines, immediate-action crisis plans, accurately and factually reporting news, assisting with overdue long-term planning, and balancing the needs of numerous acquisition, engineering and corporate professionals, all deserving of equal and devoted attention.

From the time I could read and sing lyrics at the age of three, letters have been my passion. The daughter of a journalist, state prosecution case manager, leadership adviser and political campaign manager, my career might suggest some genetic predetermination.

Whether used in the early legal days in briefs and judicial opinions, mid-career communications tactics and program management, or today’s business analyst requirements development and acquisition projects, I am inspired to write. Factual or deeply creative messages, facts, news, feelings, thoughts, or ideas brought to life in letters, are my song.




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Leonardtown, Maryland

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